Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hershey Park in the Dark

The kids were all bees this year for Halloween. As you can see from the Hershey Park in the Dark pictures, they were adorable. We were able to find a bee costume for everyone. The girls found Mason's costume for me. They even shared the cost and bought it for him. Isn't that sweet and loving? Mason is loved by his big sisters. A few weekends prior to Halloween, I took the girls to Hershey Park. The water park area was closed, but everything else was open. It was a little chilly, but only after the sun set. The water park area was transformed into Treatville where the kids were able to go trick-or-treating. It was a fun filled day.
Here is a message from Bubbles to tell you more about the day:
The lines were super long except the ride I got on with mason. That was very embarrasing but it was for mason so who cares. Also I wanted Mason to get on the Starship but that was even scary for sissy,but not for me. what you did was there was a handle that if you pulled it back you would go higher and if you pushed it forword you would go lower. I kept going back and forth. For trick or treating we got all hersheys products. Sisyy and I found his costume a a consinment shop while driving back to my moms house. Thats when i said " look sissy its a bee costume and it will fit mason". So meemom (my grandmom) said do you want to turn around and we said yes! thats when me and sissy went to ask how much money it was and it was only $5 so sissy and i both paid $2.50. My favorite ride is the comet is is white and its wooden the ride does NOT go upside down or i would not I get on it. Bye!
What loving sisters - when they are not fighting or telling on one another.
RB looks like she is about to barf. I think Bubbles is trying to kick her to get back at all the times RB tortured her. Don't worry, Bubbles couldn't catch up to her.
Mason's first amusement park ride. Wissy rode with him to keep him safe. What a good big sister!
Our busy little bees! I did not take any pictures on Halloween night since they wore the same costumes. I also forgot my camera.

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