Friday, July 31, 2009

Closed Caption

Here are some pictures I took on my phone to share with everyone. This Saturday is a family cookout with Steve's side and I'll be able to get more great pictures of Mason with everyone and a great family photo of Steve, myself, and the kids.

Can someone stop dressing me in ridiculously sappy clothes?
Who's my Daddy?
I am such a chic magnet!
(Bubbles (right), Jasmine (left), and Saige (bottom left) are pictured along with Mason)
Yeah, that's great Mommy; you got a new phone and now insist on closeups of me. Can we quit making it look as though I have bug eyes?

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Mason Ray Fowler was born on July 24th at 6:03 AM and weighed in at 7 lbs. 3 oz. and was 19.25 inches long. Was this thing really inside me? YIKES!

I was never so glad to leave the hospital today. We have all settled back into our home and getting Mason settled. Tonight is a monumental event...his first sponge bath. We will keep everyone informed with regards to his kidney issues after we visit a urologist at Hershey Medical Center within the next 2 weeks. The good thing is they found his right testicle. It was above his bladder and should drop within the next couple of months. Man, would I have loved to have been able to share that information with his future girlfriends.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Monster and Tuff Trucks

Hello ladies and germs! It's been a VERY LONG TIME since I've updated our family blog. We are STILL awaiting the birth of Mason who was due on the 17th. In the past several weeks, I've had issues with my blood pressure and increased levels of protein found in my urine. I've been sent to the hospital to have blood drawn, blood pressure checked, and 24 hour monitors of my pee. They even tried to place me on bed rest. Um, no! It lasted 3 days. I have to give major props to those who are placed on bed rest earlier in their pregnancies and are able to commit to it and take it seriously because I could not. At first, I was going to be allowed to go to 42 weeks before any action would be taken to assist in the birth of Mason. Now, if nothing happens by this Tuesday ( 21st) here what could happen:

  • If I am dialated by then (so far I am not), I will be sent to the hospital on Wednesday to be administered pitocin.
  • If I am not dialated by then, I will be administered two dosages (1 on Wednesday and the other on Thursday) of Cervidil. Each dose lasts about 12 hours and each time it will be inserted and removed by my doctor. This product is used to help soften the cervex. I'm not sure if they will check me into the hospital for this or insert the medicine and then send me home. If need be, I will then be administered pitocin.

I'm not quite sure why I have to bother with the Cervidil if both scenarioes are to be resolved with pitocin. Then again, I'm only repeating feedback from my midwife and will know more on the 21st.

Okay, so yesterday Steve, myself, Bubbles, and Blaize (Steve's nephew) went to the Buck Motorsports to see the tuff truck competition and the monster trucks which included The Avenger, War Wizard, Brutus, and the legendary Big Foot. Of course Big Foot has underwent some cosmetic surgery because the truck is not how I remembered it as a kid. I envision us next year there with Mason and of course, ear protection device as it was VERY LOUD! Steve loves the tuff truck competition. There is a men's and women's heat and pretty much these drivers bring in junk cars and race them around a muddy course and whoever receives the best time wins. We saw cars loose their drive shaft and mufflers and also saw a few flip over. It was pretty exciting. What was more hilarious were the number of babies and pregnant women attending this event. I think being pregnant made me feel like a baby is overdue and I'm at the Buck watching monster trucks smash cars...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nothin' can stop me ya'll from havin' a rip roar'n' bang up time! Here are some pictures to prove how cool it was!

The pictures below are some highlights from the Tuff Truck competition. Steve and I are thinking about entering next year as anyone can sign up to drive. Of course this means new expenses and bringing myself to actually pay money for a car (even though it's not that much) that could essentially not work anymore after the race. Whoa!