Friday, April 15, 2011

Its Mason

Hope you have fun reading my note at the end. We had a very fun filled week planned becuase guess where we ar going on saturday? HERSHEY PARK I am so excited to go hope i have lots of fun. Note from Mason ydxg vjn jcfhgyhedrghhxcmcy 0p45720710541020vb vbh vb0 vh gh0fgh0ghg03.h 740fg5h7f g8h67 g4h 5fg7 0gh5j78p;;';'' 4 0 C gfhdgkdfkgdf 454564 n b56k4 54 5rdx1[ +5


Hope you all have the best Eater of the year. Make sure you eat lots of candy and dont let the easter bunny catcyh you awake at night.

Mason At School

Mason has expirienced going to day care, Mason now goes to U-GRO learning center during the day whileI am at school and Alicia And daddy are at work. he has made some good friends and he has had a great time. Every morning when Daddy and I drop him off, he always wants to stay with his Wisser and Daddy. That ok all kids do that, mason is always getting a good report on his card. When Mason gets picked up he is always playing with something intresting.