Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's Raining, It's pouring, the Old Man is Snoring...Someone Wake up Steve!

No, it's not the kind of shower you are probably visualizing. I was tricked big time as the ones dear to me celebrated Mason by throwing Steve and I a baby shower on April 4th. Steve's Mom, Oma, came to visit this past week as well and she was even in attendance. Everyone is quite the sneakster! I was pretty much in shock the entire day as I kept staring at Steve and wondering how he managed to help my Aunt Donna and Mom pull this off. Poor Jasmine! I thought Steve and I were going to Mom's that day for Jasmine's birthday party. The girls were even in on it as we dropped them off to Mom Mom the night before because I thought they were having a sleepover for Jasmine's birthday. I'm still not sure how everything was planned so well, but I am incredibly thankful.

I did not want a baby shower. In this harsh economic climate where people are loosing their jobs, gas price increases are sporadic, price of food is increasing, I didn't want anyone to spend money that they possibly did not have. I did not even register. I was doing a good job on cutting corners and trying to formulate ideas on how Steve and I can save money by limiting our spending on Mason. I know that sounds a little mean, but it's with good intentions. Steve has worked very hard all of his life to support his family. I've heard stories of his long shifts with old employers and with his own company. I figured that Steve has worked hard enough that he was entitled to a break. This time is especially important because he is finally having a son. I want to make sure that Steve is able to stay home and bond with his little man at the same time as us being financially stable. As most people know, my mind is always working. I suggested cutting corners by not buying a fancy bed set theme and just buying individual plain crib sheets. Instead of buying the expensive swing set, I was going to purchase the smaller travel size. Instead of a new stroller/car seat combo, we were going to borrow from family. Our shopping consisted of items from Goodwill. Yes, I would be lying if it didn't upset me that I had to hold back from spoiling my first child. I wanted to be like every other mother who buys things she does not really need. In the end though, the material possessions wouldn't have been as important as Steve being able to stay home and teach Mason his first words, how to pee outside, and watching Mason smile for the first time. Steve is so very deserving of those moments. Moments that he may have missed out on with his girls because he had to work so much.

With the generosity of people I call family and friends, I was able to spend a day acting like that mother who was getting everything. A special thanks to Aunt Donna and my Mom for coordinating the baby shower surprise. They even want as far as registering me (with the help of Bubbles and RB) at Babies'R'Us. I also want to thank those who spent their hard earned money on Mason. You will truly never know how grateful Steve, the girls, and I are for your kindness. These people include, Lauren (Steve's sister-in-law), Jen (Steve's sister-in-law), Oma (Steve's Mom), Cindy (my co-worker), Susan (my co-worker), Carol (my friend), Jessica (my sister), Jackie (my sister), Christie (Steve's sister), Delores (Oma's best friend), Aunt Donna, Mom, and Susan (Aunt Donna's sister). If I had forgotten anyone, I'm sorry.

I also want to thank the wives of my two co-workers, David and Ken, for loaning me maternity clothes. Also, Carol again, as she is lending me a high chair and jumper. Also again to Jen who is lending us an extra stroller and small high chair for when Mason gets older and to Lauren, who handed down some clothes for Mason. To my Mom who is lending us a crib she bought for Jasmine, thanks.

I don't want to forget a special thank you to Steve and the girls for buying me a brand new stroller/car seat combo which is what I wanted most. Steve even bought an extra base for the car seat so we have a base for each car we drive. Steve and the girls make my life complete and wonderful. I couldn't ask for anything more than what they give me on a daily basis and that is love.

As wonderful as this day was, this hasn't stopped me from being cheap and proud of it! On Sunday (April 5th), Steve, RB, Bubbles, Oma, and I along with Carol and her husband and son attended a weekend special called Tot Swap. There were a lot of clothes from various vendors and owners on consignment. We bought about 24 items (onesies, shoes, jammy joes, outfits) and paid a little over $30. As fun as that was, now I'm staring at mounds and mounds of items to wash from this past weekend. But that's okay.

I don't have any pictures to post right now of the shower, but they are coming as soon as I can get them from others.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Jasmine!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

We are Off to See the Wizard

This past Sunday (29th) started out a little gray, but then brightened and the weather warmed up. We had a very brief storm, which lasted no more than 15 minutes. Steve and I filmed a little bit of the storm as the skies just seemed to open up and within minutes the streets were flooded as if it had rained for hours. Come to find out, a tornado hit an area of York. I heard this briefly on the radio station as I was heading into work Monday. York is a large area in PA and the exact location was not specified.